If you are an avid scuba diving enthusiast, it is likely that you are always searching for new and exciting dive sites, dive techniques and dive stories. But have you have considered the idea of getting married underwater whilst scuba diving? This novel diving concept has increased in popularity in recent years, and scuba diving weddings are now possible in many top dive destinations.
Whilst not for everybody, scuba diving weddings can be fun, exciting and memorable. Saying your wedding vows whilst surrounded by tropical fish and beautiful corals will certainly be a talking point amongst the wedding guests.
There are many dive sites around the world where underwater weddings have been made possible. Perhaps the most famous place for loved up scuba divers to tie the knot is at the Christ of the Abyss statue in Florida Keys. This dive site is one of the most photographed dive sites in the world, and is one of the best known scuba areas in Florida. The underwater statue is an identical replica of a statue called ‘Il Christo Degli Abissi’ that lies in the Mediterranean Sea off Italy. More than 200 diving duos have said “I do” in the shallow waters around the sculpture.
Sangiang Island, in Anyer, Indonesia, is another good place for an underwater wedding. The water is clear and marital guests can marvel in colourful anemones, interesting corals and tropical fish species whilst waiting for the bride to swim down the aisle.
Some diving couples have been known to get married underwater in the ‘Ballroom’ cavern in the caves at Ginnie Springs, Florida. Those wishing to get hitched whilst scuba diving here will need to have cave diving experience in order to go ahead with the ceremony. The reception can take place floating down the Santa Fe River on tubes.
Underwater weddings are legal in many countries, though normally the couple will have to sign a register on the surface after they have said their vows on the seabed. In order for the wedding to be legal, the bride, groom, witnesses and the person conducting the service have to be able to hear the spoken vows. So normally underwater weddings involve special scuba diving masks that have a built in communication device, allowing everyone to hear what is being said through their diving equipment.
Underwater weddings are becoming a great way for passionate scuba diving fans to express their love towards one another. There may be a few difficulties in throwing the bouquet, kissing the bride and making the champagne toast, but nonetheless this unique scuba experience is an unforgettable way to declare your love.
It certainly gives a whole new meaning to ‘taking the plunge’.