Diving with a fogged up diving mask is really frustrating, and can ruin a dive if you can’t see properly. Here are our top tips for defogging and clearing your scuba diving mask, so that you can enjoy every dive with perfect visibility.

Use a commercial mask defogging solution

This can be bought at any good dive centre or dive shop and is not expensive. All you need is a couple of drops of the solution, which you rub round on the lenses. Rinse the product out thoroughly before wearing the mask to dive. This is very effective at defogging your scuba diving mask.

Use saliva

Spit into a dry diving mask, and rub it around. Rinse the scuba diving mask out before using it. This is a handy solution for clearing your mask if you find yourself on a dive trip without any defogging solution.


If the previous two solutions do not work, you may need to give your mask a thorough clean. The best thing to use to clean your diving mask is toothpaste. A little bit, rubbed around the lenses and then thoroughly rinsed out, can really help to improve the visibility of your scuba diving mask.
In order to minimise the chance of your diving mask getting fogged up in the first place, it is very important that you choose a mask that fits you perfectly. The skirt of the diving mask has to form a water tight seal against your skin, otherwise there is a strong chance of the mask fogging up whilst you dive.