PADI book launch surrounded by sharks 11/11/2011

PADI book launch surrounded by sharks

Scuba diving expert and vice president PADI, made waves in the literary world by launching his debut novel surrounded by sharks underwater on a scuba dive. Mark Caney’s book, ‘Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians Underwater’ was launched to an audience of scuba diving enthusiasts at the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire, England.

Diving at a depth of 5 metres in the main part of the aquarium, Mark was surrounded by the largest collection of sharks in any aquarium in Europe. The creatures swimming around Mark on his dive included sand tiger sharks and stingrays. The dive author read extracts from the book whilst underwater. He removed his diving regulator and mouthed the words from the laminated pages he had with him. He even signed various copies of the book on the unusual scuba dive. Mark joked that the books “weren’t really in a saleable condition after the dive!”

The novel, which will appeal to all avid divers, is set entirely underwater, and follows the world as seen from the viewpoint of dolphins. Mark said, “We know that dolphins have an intelligence comparable to our own, with a society and a sophisticated language. Dolphin Way explores what is happening in that society when it comes under pressure from man’s exploitation of the sea.”

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