Diving for your country! 15/10/2012

Diving for your country!

These days’ governments all over the world are standing up in a fight against terror but did you know this battle also goes on below the surface of the water? In New York the NYPD has a specially trained scuba diving team that dive down into the dingy depths of the New York waterways to daily to keep the city safe from harm.

It goes without saying that the Big Apple has a lot of high risk landmarks that are surrounded or accessible by water and it is the job of these “super scuba divers” to make sure they are secure by searching for explosives or anything that looks out of the ordinary. The dives are not easy, physically they are tough on the body and the divers are required to carry heavy specialist equipment. Needless to say in the busiest city in the world, pollution is rife so visibility is practically non-existent.

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